Monday, March 18, 2013

apartment first look

well! here it is! the first look at our new place! we have officially been new yorkers for two weeks now and a great deal of that two weeks has been spent working in the apartment. 

before we left home, we sold or donated half of everything we owned. i knew that we wouldn't be able to fit it all into our apartment but.... i underestimated how small it would really be! we still brought way too much with us. we have been very hard at work trying to make everything function in 300 square feet.  it still needs alot of work but i'm going to let it evolve over time.

for size reference.... we tried to fit our  bed into this little cubby but it was too big.

here is the main space. our first experience with a radiator has been humorous to say the least. he has been named "Horace". he has his own personality....horribly noisy and leaky are some of his most notable characteristics.
check out the sexy 70s adhesive wall tiles. they were not pleasant to remove but we were all in agreement that they were not staying.....
ok ok! i know i've been known in the past to exaggerate....but REALLY! we brought way to much stuff. i wasn't kidding.  we shifted and re-stacked this pile a million times to paint and assemble furniture (i know, i'm a freak) before it got smaller.

    ahh... much better! it's my first time going a deep blue and i am so happy with the results.

 there is hubby's workspace over there!  that desk used to be my vanity space in oklahoma , filled and covered to the brim with cosmetics and brushes. we are still trying to find a good setup for this makeup junkie to get ready. currently operating out of a tupperware bin is not cutting it.

  most people think i'm nuts for buying a canopy bed for such a small space. i am really pleased at how it has helped define spaces and create some walls. oops! i didn't hide very well. that mirror was a $69 dollar score from tuesday mornings in oklahoma. it was originally black but a couple coats of metallic spray paint and i love her.

there is a small peek into our kitchen. it still needs some work. thank goodness we brought that stepladder from home. we have to use it several times a day. vertical storage is essential in a small space and we have extra linens, shoes, etc stacked high to the ceiling in our closet.

sorry for the delay in pictures! it's taken a bit to get into the swing of things. now that things are more organized i promise more regular posts! i have so much to show you!