Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello World

Blogosphere! I'm here! It's been three years since i finished college and i feel like i've been waiting for my life to start. Well, husband and i are moving to new york in March! this is going to be my creative outlet and a way to chronicle our journey for all those back home.

Here is a quick recap of all the crazy things that happend in 2012!

 We got engaged last New Years Eve! It was a proposal that only he would pull off, complete with my kidnapping and a scavenger hunt to different people who have helped us in the course of our relationship. That day was an adventure. Actually, every day with him is an adventure. 

 Holy Cow! Wedding planning was not like i expected at all! Most of you know i am a workaholic and am always working two or three jobs but I DEFINITELY will never go into the wedding business. totally not for me :) All that aside.... On September 15, I married my dream guy. BEST. DAY. EVER!

 We honeymooned in New York, naturally! It was husband's first trip there and i was so nervous he would hate it. All it took was one bagel with jalepeno asiago cream cheese and he was hooked.        

Husband graduated in December so now that THAT'S out of the way... we've sold most of our stuff and we moving to NYC in 21 days! I feel somedays that i am in over my head, but i'm grateful that i'm not doing this alone.

Stay tuned to see what happens!

xo, Moxie