Friday, May 10, 2013

Snail Mail and Signs of Spring

Hello! I wanted to update everyone on how our adventure is going so far! It's been almost 3 months since we moved. Are we "real" new yorkers yet? I don't know about that. It's been quite the adjustment. We have been exhausted but we are getting used to the pace of things.  Everyday tasks here sometimes seem like a big undertaking. Yes everything is just a subway ride away.  But it's also half a mile walk to the subway; carrying everything you'll need; exposed to whatever the weather is doing. I can easily walk to both of the places that i work which is so nice. A ten minute walk in the pouring rain though can be... challenging.  The other challenge that we are dealing with is living in such a small space. We are still constantly re-evaluating the space and getting rid of clothes and other belongings. Two people in 300 sq feet seems nuts some days. Also if you leave one thing on the floor..... your house is messy. While we would like to have a little bit larger apartment after this lease, i don't want it to be too much bigger. I think this is a very important life lesson for me; How to need less. Humph.... I'll get there! Baby steps!

Here are some of the things that have made this month wonderful...

Years in suburbia had my mailbox full often. Wedding or graduation invites, bills, and then of course, anthropologie, jcrew, and nordstrom catalogs and other pretty things of that nature. For the past several weeks I've opened our little box to find nothing. No bills, crap mail, nothing. In a strange way it reminded me of how isolated we are from everyone we love back home. BUT!!! a few days ago, i came home to some much needed snail mail from one of my nearest and dearest friends. It lifted my spirits for several days and now has a happy place on our refrigerator. 

                                         Sending a little snail mail of our own. :)

Confession: We have found our comfort food on the block! We miss pei wei and taco bueno. But! We have discovered a $7 meatball hero that is enormous and feeds us both. Its got plenty of meat and is uber cheesy and....need i go on?! score. 
Look at how beautiful all the trees are now! Everything around us is just oozing with flowers and green. It gives a different connotation to the term "urban jungle"

                          This is our block. Brownstones, 

         We are starting to recognize all of the neighborhood dogs. This little guy is one of my favorites!

Happy spring everyone! Will write soon!