Wednesday, December 25, 2013

our first new york christmas

Time really does fly. We've been in New York for 9 months now and this Christmas season has us feeling grateful at how far we have come since our move.   It seemed like our world was turned upside down and we started all over from the beginning. 2013 has been emotional, and scary at times but I feel that we are truly becoming stronger and growing into ourselves. 

Some successes we are celebrating are:
  • we both got great new jobs
  • we moved into a bigger apartment
  • We have made some really amazing friends here
  • Old friends have come to visit, and we got to share some of the city with them

We went to Brant Park and Rockefeller center last night to experience one of my favorite things in the whole world.... sparkly, twinkly, shiny, shimmery pretty things! It was freezing and we could not BELIEVE how many people were out (we need to do more research before NYE) but the energy of New York at Christmas is like nowhere else in the world.  

(SANTA! I know him!) 

Merry Christmas! 


Moxie and the Mister. 

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